Dry Creek Valley is a premium wine-growing region in northern Sonoma County, California where more than 150 winegrowers and 60 wineries produce wines from a wide variety of grapes, including the world-class zinfandel for which it is best known. Dry Creek Valley is home to mostly small, family-owned wineries and artisan-produced varietals. But what makes us most proud to be part of Dry Creek Valley is its commitment to be 100% sustainable by 2019. An approach to winemaking whose goal is to be environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically viable.

A community focused on protecting the natural beauty that makes Sonoma County such a special region, while producing world-renowned, artisanal wines.

We didn’t begin as experts in farming and producing world-class wines, but through generations of shared knowledge, Dry Creek Valley has established a reputation of just that.

Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley


Bella Vineyards is a small, family run winery dedicated to handcrafting small lots of zinfandel. They focus on their own century old vineyards as well as those tended by other small, passionate growers. Their wines consistently receive top scores from wine critics. They are open for group and private tastings.