Help us reach our goal to plant 1000 Redwoods at NewTree Ranch

We are very excited to start planting Redwoods at NewTree and we need your help. We have budgeted for tanks, pumps, irrigation and trees which will come to $100 per tree. You will also have the chance to come plant and see your tree in person.


What does 1 Redwood tree do for the environment?

– Absorbs one ton of carbon in its lifetime. This would offset one roundtrip ticket to Europe.
– Helps return a native forest from wildfires
– Cools the air
– Reduces wind
– Fire resistant
– Needs less water, after five years
– Brings water into the ground for storage for later use

*NewTree Ranch does not currently have a non-profit status. Therefore, this donation is not tax-deductible.

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Want to visit NewTree Ranch?

NewTree Ranch is a sustainable eco-luxury farmstead retreat that offers regenerative experiences in Healdsburg, Sonoma County.

Message from the Founder

This spring, I envision planting 1,000 Redwood trees at NewTree Ranch, an opportunity to re-forest and re-generate some of the trees we lost in the fires. We will plant these beautiful beings in a sacred space where they can thrive. And I am asking for your help bringing this vision into our reality. Let’s bring the light out of the darkness one tree at a time.

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Edward Newell | Founder & CEO