Where Productivity
Meets Pleasure

At NewTree Ranch, we’re redefining mundane meeting venues. Our private ranch provides a tranquil and inspiring environment, perfect for igniting creativity and forging meaningful connections. With our unique selection of indoor and outdoor spaces, custom seed-to-table menus, and recreational options, we’ll make sure your event is not only productive but also unforgettable.

Meeting Spaces

Tailored to your specific needs

From small meetings to executive retreats, our private spaces are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our villas transform into inviting backdrops for boardroom meetings, presentations and strategy sessions. Your attendees will be fueled and delighted with a customized seed to table menu sourced from our biodynamic ranch. Let us provide a captivating haven from the everyday hustle that allows your guests to fully focus in the beauty of nature.

We can accommodate up to 12 people overnight and up to 24 for board meetings.

Popular Experiences

Take your team to new dimensions

Discover the transformative impact of NewTree Ranch on your gathering as your attendees explore new ways to connect to themselves, nature and each other. Let us partner with you to curate experiences that align with your meeting goals and vision. Witness as your team leaves feeling rejuvenated, refocused, and empowered to operate in their full potential.

For more information or questions regarding corporate meetings, please contact us by email at info@newtreeranch.com or by phone at (707) 433-9643.