The Garden

We are a self-sustaining farmstead, consciously built by our dedicated team and nature itself. Indivisible from the land on which the ranch sits, we are honored and committed to being its forward-thinking stewards.

We believe that small communities, working in harmony with the land and each other, are powerful. We farm according to biodynamic practices, as taught to us by Harald Hoven—our farm consultant and world leader in biodynamic farming. Through his mentorship, we have transformed NewTree Ranch into a closed-loop system, a farming practice that recycles all nutrients and organic matter back into the soil that it grew in. Our farmland is organized into three distinct, plant-diverse plots, designed to accommodate crop rotation and support soil health. We are excited to begin growing from seeds produced from earlier seasonal harvests here at the ranch.

One hundred percent of our water needs are met by on-site wells and lake. Our well water undergoes a state-of-the-art filtration process that preserves healthy minerals while ensuring clean, pristine drinking water. Our lake, fed by natural springs and seasonal mountain runoff, provides all water needs for our crops. And over 200 solar panels provide two-thirds of the ranch’s energy needs; we will meet all energy needs through solar power by 2023.

Experiences at The Garden

Enjoy spending time in The Garden, pruning and arranging flowers, learning bio-dynamic farming, preparing the soil and harvesting fresh vegetables. You can also enjoy a garden dining experience.

Want to visit NewTree Ranch?

NewTree Ranch is a sustainable eco-luxury farmstead retreat that offers regenerative experiences in Healdsburg, Sonoma County.