Northern California by nature and soulfully incomparable.

NewTree Ranch is a self-sustaining, private estate with two luxury villas that invites visitors to explore what’s to be found when we slow down. NewTree Ranch offers the opportunity to move mindfully and reconnect with the land, ourselves, and each other. An invitation to do less, more deeply—and enjoy the transformative benefits that arise.

Ways To Participate at NewTree Ranch

At NewTree, we offer many ways for you to join us in creating a vibration of love and abundance.

We design our experiences to be educational, challenging, fulfilling, healing, inspiring and rewarding. You can gift-a-tree to help us reach our goal to plant 1,000 Redwood Trees or book a vacation stay with us to immerse yourself in nature with our optional regenerative experiences.

Let’s raise these vibrations together this season! If you feel called to participate, here are some ways you can get involved today:

Experience NewTree Ranch

NewTree Ranch is a 120-acre luxury estate with two rental villas few minutes away from downtown Healdsburg, California. The ultimate vacation to bring friends and family.

NewTree Ranch Today and Tomorrow

“Everyone smiles when they’re on the farm” – Lyann, biodynamic farmer at NewTree Ranch

When co-founder Ed Newell first stepped foot on what is today NewTree Ranch, he didn’t yet know what it would become. Yearning for nature and driven by the sense there was a way to connect more deeply with ourselves, others, and the land around us, he began a journey that ultimately led him to Sonoma.

He purchased a 20-acre plot of land nestled among the Pacific Redwoods, eventually growing this to include the 120 acres that comprise the ranch today. He welcomed friends and family, who upon visiting, remarked what a restorative retreat it had been for them…an opportunity to reconnect with what nature has to offer, and simply slow down.


The seeds of NewTree Ranch were planted.

Ed began to expand his idea of what this farmstead could be, envisioning a luxury retreat founded on the values he was cultivating and seeing resonate within his own community: sustainability, operating in harmony with and deepening one’s connection to the land, community-scale farming, and the pursuit of reaching one’s highest potential. He brought in friend, business associate, and NewTree Ranch Co-founder & Head of Operations David Rowntree, to debut the ranch as a space where others could stay, explore, and learn.

Today, NewTree Ranch is a place of daily discovery, as well as proud achievements. What started as one 20-acre plot of land, has now become many more. Two-thirds of the ranch’s energy needs are being met by over 200 solar panels integrated on property. All of the property’s water needs are fulfilled by on-site wells and the ranch lake. And renowned experts from around the world have come to this land to share their knowledge of biodynamic farming, reforestation, bee rewilding, and beyond. These are incredible leaps forward in NewTree Ranch’s continued evolution, and that evolution continues.

NewTree Ranch is dedicated to building and inspiring other regenerative, self-sustaining ecosystems. The ranch team operates from the belief that the experiences they offer here at the ranch have the potential to reverberate far beyond their farmstead in the Redwoods. Ed, David, and the NewTree Ranch family will continue to grow their self-reliance and expand the opportunities for education they offer. Their aim? To contribute solutions and productive dialogue to some of the most urgent issues we face, from climate change to resource and habitat depletion. See Sustainability & Stewardship for more.

Book A Stay with Us

NewTree Ranch combines the privacy of a luxury estate, the restorative energy of immersion in nature, and the warmth and attention to detail of a first-class resort. A stay at NewTree Ranch is an exceptionally rich, regenerative experience all its own.

There are two ways to stay at NewTree Ranch: The Estate Villa and The Barn Villa.