Learn a specialized breathing technique of the Wim Hof Method. Minimum of 4 people per session. The training involves learning…

Breathe Work

The forest has its own way of healing our physical bodies. Enjoy being immersed in the sights, sounds, and smells of nature as you explore NewTree Ranch’s Redwood forest.

Forest Bathing

Feel what it is like to be driven through our beautiful wine country in a vehicle powered by the sun.

Sonoma Wine & Vineyard Tour

Perfect for the entire family to enjoy, the Interactive Family Retreat features a host of offerings and activities at the ranch.

Interactive Family Retreat

The Women Warriors Retreat at NewTree Ranch is a safe place to connect with nature, other women and back to ourselves.

Women Warriors Retreat

Lavendar, Mint, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena and Rosemary are just some of the plant allies we use to create both medicinal and refreshing teas.

Tea Making Experience

Enjoy your freshly harvest tea in the Japanese tea garden while overlooking the panoramic rolling green hills and the serene…

Japanese Tea Garden & Balinese Tub

Connect to both your mind and body with our custom yoga classes. Instructors lead you through rejuvenating poses out in nature, giving you a special opportunity to deepen your practice.


The farm at NewTree Ranch is home to a beautiful, fully equipped outdoor kitchen, with a state-of-the-art pizza oven and…

Seed-to-Table Experience

A fun and creative way to learn about and appreciate the many varieties of flowers that grow both in the farm and around the ranch. Learn techniques for selecting proper flowers, trimming stems and arranging them beautifully.

Flower Arranging Experience

Canvas, paper, rocks, wood – whatever your chosen medium, the art experience in the garden is a time for communion with nature and creative self expression.

Art in the Garden Experience

The ranch offers a peaceful environment to prepare your physical, mental and emotional state for a truly invigorating meditation.

Meditation Experience

In joining the tree planting and reforestation activities of the ranch, everyone will have a hands-on experience in seed planting, farming and a deeper understanding of the tree’s role in our environment and the healing it provides to our physical bodies.

Tree Planting and Reforestation

Set apart from the main properties, the tent offers our guests the ability to spend time under the stars amidst the beautiful land that surrounds the ranch.

Tent Experience

Imagine relaxing in your spa bath breathing in the fresh air with scents of pine needles and aromatic oils while watching the animals grazing the pasture.

Outdoor Spa Bath and Facial

For couples looking for the most intimate of escapes.

Retreat to Romance

Enjoy time alone or with the whole family exploring Lake Andreas. 

Canoeing & Paddle Boarding

Immerse yourself in NewTree Ranch’s biodynamic farm. Learn soil preparation, planting, harvesting, compost building, permaculture and many more! Take home a new approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition.

Farming Experience

A definite highlight to any visit to NewTree Ranch is experiencing time with our animal allies.

Ranch Animals

Focus on your fitness and health while on your retreat with NewTree Ranch’s state-of-the-art indoor gym. You can also request…

Indoor Gym

Focus on your fitness and health while out in nature with our trainer guided fit trail course. Our fit trail covers some of the most beautiful terrain on the ranch and offers you the opportunity to exercise at a level that is comfortable for you.

Fit Trail

NewTree Ranch is the perfect starting point for world-class biking, whether on or off road.

Cycling / Mountain Biking

Enjoy massages and facials in The Tent or in the comfort of your house.

Massage and Facials

This experience gives a hands-on approach to bee repopulation and allows guests to have a deeper understanding of the role of bees in the environment, the cause of their population decline and what they can do to help combat it.

Bee Rewilding & Re-Population

Take time out for you and your group and steep yourself in wellness and health.

Winter Wellness Retreat