Seasonal Farm Experiences

1. Flower Arranging

Learn about the many varieties of wildflowers that grow throughout the ranch. Then create your own flower arrangement.

2. Tea Making Experience

Steep yourself in this immersive course on the farm.  Learn about plants you can grow in your own garden and how to prune, hang, and dry medicinal herbs for daily teas. We also stuff the tea bags together by hand for everyone to take home.

3. Canning

Experience the magic of canning at NewTree Ranch, where we turn the vibrant bounty of each season into treasures that can be enjoyed year-round. Our canning process is a celebration of organic fruits and vegetables, capturing their freshness and flavor in every jar. From plump, sun-ripened tomatoes to succulent, hand-picked apples, we take pride in preserving the very best nature has to offer. Join us for a hands-on canning adventure that not only ensures your pantry is always stocked with nature’s finest, but also imparts the joy of savoring the taste of each season, anytime you desire. You can take it home with you as well, a truly wonderful way to connect with the land.

4. Jam Making

Indulge in the sweet art of jam making at NewTree Ranch, where we celebrate the magic of preserving the farm’s finest fruits year-round. Our jam-making process is a delightful journey into capturing the essence of organic, sun-kissed fruits that are bursting with flavor. From luscious strawberries to plump peaches, we carefully craft each jar to ensure that the sweetness of the farm can be savored at any time. Join us for a hands-on jam-making adventure that not only fills your pantry with natural goodness but also allows you to enjoy the taste of summer, even in the heart of winter. It’s a wonderful way to relish the flavors of the farm and create a sweet tradition that lasts throughout the seasons.