Guided Meditation

At NewTree Ranch, we understand the importance of mental wellness and believe in creating opportunities for our guests to connect with nature, center their minds, and rejuvenate their souls. Our guided meditation experiences are designed to help you do just that. With the assistance of our trusted guide, you’ll be led through a creative visualization that immerses you in the natural beauty surrounding NewTree Ranch. Our guide will help you connect with the present moment, leaving behind any stress or distractions. This will enable you to fully embrace the meditative experience, allowing you to feel grounded and connected to nature. Benefits of guided meditation include reduced stress and anxiety, improved focus and attention, and enhanced emotional well-being. At NewTree Ranch, we believe that connecting with nature is one of the most effective ways to promote mental wellness and relaxation. Our guided meditation experience offers the perfect opportunity to do so. So, come and join us and allow us to assist you in finding inner peace and tranquility amidst the stunning natural beauty of NewTree Ranch.

Clear your thoughts as you embark on your meditative journey set in the ranch’s serene environment. The ranch offers a peaceful environment to prepare your physical, mental and emotional state for a truly invigorating meditation.

Choose your favorite spot to do your practice from the fire circle, the farm, the forest or Lake Andreas and have the liberty to choose a guided meditation or do it your own.

We can also arrange meditation experience anywhere from an hour to 30 days retreat. Guests can also enjoy their own meditation practice at their leisure. A stroll in The Garden, fruit picking, flower arranging, or harvesting crops are some of the guests most favorite meditative experiences at NewTree Ranch.