Spending Time with Animals

At NewTree Ranch, spending time with our furry friends is a joy like no other. Our sweet animals will greet you with their welcoming sounds and loving personalities, making them the perfect companions for the whole family. The open fields of The Pasture house a variety of animals, including the Scottish Highlander Cows, Kathy and Eddie, who graze on the native grasses that grow in abundance. These cows in turn provide manure for the compost that enriches our soil. Just next door, our Nigerian dwarf goats Sally and John Arthur, weed the fields of The Pasture. In and around the stable, guests are bound to meet Paris, our lovely and friendly horse, who is living out his retirement at NewTree, and his friends Ginger and Horselain. Adjacent to the stables is our chicken coup, housing our 22 chickens who provide fresh manure for the farm. Guests can also harvest their own eggs directly from the chicken coop which is an educational and fun experience for children and adults alike. Spending time with our animals is an experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and connected to nature. Guests pets and horses are also welcome!