Truffle Hunting

Join us for a thrilling adventure as we uncover Truffle Treasures in the awe-inspiring Sonoma countryside! Picture this: an Alexander Valley truffle farmer recently unearthed a magnificent 5.03-ounce black truffle, and you could be next in line to experience the thrill of the hunt.

But it’s not just about finding these exquisite mushrooms; it’s an interactive journey filled with sensory delights. Feel the rush of excitement as you explore the bountiful truffle-rich landscapes. Let your senses come alive as you inhale the earthy aroma and bask in the beauty of nature surrounding you. It’s a gourmet foraging adventure that promises not only an unforgettable culinary experience but also a deep connection to the land and the joy of discovery. Get ready to embark on a truffle-hunting expedition like no other!

Sonoma Truffle Hunting

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