Tree Planting and Reforestation

Here at NewTree Ranch, we are committed to providing a healing space to our guests while continuing to be a steward to our land through our conservation and sustainable efforts. This is why we design an immersive experience that allows you to connect deeper with nature and leave a legacy not only to the ranch but for the next generations to come.

Our Tree Planting and Reforestation experience aims to raise awareness of the importance of planting and saving trees, helping our land heal from wildfires and diminishing the unfavorable effects of climate change.

A typical tree will sequester (remove from the atmosphere) about 1 ton of carbon in its lifetime. A coast redwood will sequester 250 tons of carbon. Just one coast redwood has the ability to absorb as much carbon as 250 “regular” trees.

In joining the tree planting and reforestation activities of the ranch, everyone will have a hands-on experience in seed planting, farming, and a deeper understanding of the tree’s role in our environment and the healing it provides to our physical bodies. This is a perfect activity for everybody.

Let’s do it together, one seed at a time. Experience a regenerative retreat at the ranch while contributing to a greener planet.

You can also help us reach our goal to plant 1000 Redwoods at NewTree Ranch by giving a tree.


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