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Are you familiar with biohacking? Biohacking is, in essence, taking charge of your biology to enhance performance, state of mind, and overall health. While the term is fairly new to the wellness community, natural biohacking techniques (such as meditation and intermittent fasting) have been utilized for thousands of years by people looking to enrich their bodies and expand their consciousness.

For both newcomers and seasoned experts, the environment for biohacking is crucial. NewTree Ranch is blessed to offer the perfect setting to explore, experiment, and engage with natural methods. For example:

  • NewTree is a true farm stay, which gives guests access to a bountiful selection of the freshest vegetables grown on property and the option of harvesting the ingredients themselves. In addition to every culinary tool imaginable, each kitchen has a fully stocked, beautifully presented pantry with flavorful spices and dry ingredients. Free of toxins and chemicals, a diet of wholesome produce is the best way to nourish the mind, body, and soul via clean eating.
  • The peace and privacy provided by our 120 acre estate creates the tranquility guests need for deep mediation practice. The lush natural landscape is alive and abundant, ideal for quiet introspection and forest bathing for relief from the anxiety and fatigue of modern life.
  • In winter, guests can take the leap and jump fearlessly into nature with an eye-opening cold plunge in our lake. In summer, we are happy to arrange an ice bath in the outdoor bathtubs. The rapid temperature shift has numerous health benefits – muscle recovery, dopamine increases, stress relief, pain relief, and it rejuvenates the skin.
  • Fine Italian linens from Frette, heavenly king sized beds, and organic Avocado mattresses create the dreamiest of sleep scenarios. Nothing heals the body faster than deep, regenerative slumber.
  • Fresh air is essential here. Each indoor space is in an intentional sanctuary with air purifiers throughout. Our team only utilizes non-toxic cleaning products to maintain pristine, healing spaces.
  • The indoor gym and outdoor fit trail, as well as cycling, paddle boarding, and yoga experiences, are readily available to anyone on a fitness journey or in need of physical therapy.

Additionally, guests can choose to complement their retreat to nature with outdoor spa treatments, massage therapy, and tea making.

We are so grateful for pioneers in the biohacking space who have opened the conversation for those seeking to broaden the boundaries of wellness. To learn more, we recommend Dave Aspry, Ben Greenfield, David Wolfe, and Ron Teeguarden.

woman doing yoga with goats in front of spectacular backdrop

fresh vegetables harvested from the organic farm stay

king size bed with Italian linens

world-class weights and exercise equipment in indoor gym