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One of the best ways to experience ease in life is to provide the body with the proper fuel it needs to function optimally. When the body is healthy and nourished, it is much easier to adapt to the changes that come with the transition to shorter days and colder weather. Eating nutrient-dense, plant based whole foods also facilitates improved digestion as the body adapts to heartier fall meals. Allowing the body’s natural intuition to guide what foods are best to eat is most helpful, if we will only take the time to listen.

With autumn comes many hearty vegetables, greens, and fruits from the garden with rich flavors that pair perfectly with some of the stronger flavored herbs and spices. Creating dishes that are delicious, healthy and satisfying can be simple and fun; with a little bit of imagination. Some of our favorite fall dishes at New Tree Ranch include Roasted Delicata Squash, Kabocha Squash and Beet Soup, Herbed Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy, and Spiced Pumpkin Pie. There are so many options when it comes to fall dishes, why not choose the foods we most enjoy and help us feel our best? Allow your heart to guide you to choose the foods that bring you the most joy, satisfaction, and help you feel your best. ‘Let thy food be thy medicine’; for body, mind, and soul.

Chef Brandon Rouge is an innovative Seattle-born chef who is passionate about cooking healthy, delicious, allergen-friendly plant-based foods. Having endured a tumultuous personal health journey over the past two decades, Chef Rouge seeks to help people heal themselves and discover their life’s purpose. He was diagnosed with both celiac and Crohn’s disease in his teenage years and has found purpose and healing through mindful cooking. Having experienced the power of healthy food as medicine first hand, he believes that everyone can experience personal wellbeing. His philosophy is that everyone should discover and pursue whatever path is most appropriate for their personal health and that everyone will thrive by eating healthy, delicious, primarily plant-based, organic whole foods. Apart from cooking, he is an avid Qi Gong Enthusiast, Yogi, Meditator, and Puppy Whisperer.