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Healdsburg, nestled in scenic Sonoma County, is a place where community connections thrive, echoing the core values and mission of NewTree Ranch. This charming town fosters a deep sense of connection and collaboration, where locals come together to create incredible works of art, food, and wine. Today, we dive into the remarkable talents found in the heart of Sonoma Valley, highlighting several exceptional examples: the Michelin-starred Single Thread restaurant, the artisanal DaVero Farms and Winery, the delightful Quail & Candor bakery, and the purposeful Quivira Vineyards.

  1. At the forefront of Healdsburg’s dining scene, Single Thread stands as a beacon of culinary excellence. This three Michelin-starred restaurant goes beyond merely offering exceptional cuisine; it embodies the art of storytelling through food. Single Thread’s Chef Kyle Connaughton and his team seamlessly blend the finest locally sourced ingredients with traditional Japanese flavors, creating an unforgettable dining experience through an eleven course tasting menu. The restaurant’s farm-to-table philosophy further showcases the commitment to community connections by supporting local farmers and artisans.
  2. Also located in Sonoma County, DaVero Farms and Winery is a true embodiment of sustainable farming practices and artisanal winemaking. Guided by their passion for biodynamic farming, the owners, Ridgely Evers and Colleen McGlynn, have created an oasis where the vineyard harmoniously coexists with the natural ecosystem. DaVero not only produces exceptional wines but also cultivates a sense of community. They welcome visitors to explore the vineyards, participate in hands-on workshops, and taste their exquisite wines, fostering a deeper connection to the land and the winemaking process.
  3. Born as a farmer’s market bakery, Quail & Condor has quickly become a vital part of the local community. Led by passionate bakers, this delightful bakery takes great pride in creating handcrafted pastries, bread, and confections that embody the essence of Healdsburg. Quail & Condor cherishes its local community by using the finest seasonal ingredients sourced from nearby farms. With every bite, visitors experience the skill, dedication, and love that goes into each delectable creation.
  4. Established in 1981, Quivira Vineyards is a leading producer of Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, and Rhône varieties. With a strong focus on intentional winegrowing and organic farming, Quivira is deeply rooted in Dry Creek Valley’s unspoiled rural character and historic winegrape growing tradition. Alongside their commitment to exceptional wines, Quivira actively engages in restoring Wine Creek and maintaining a lush organically farmed garden that promotes biodiversity and educates visitors. They further foster connections with esteemed restaurants through farm-to-table dinners featuring fresh produce and estate products, showcasing the best of their property.

Healdsburg’s vibrant community connections, exemplified by the extraordinary talents of Single Thread, DaVero Farms and Winery, Quail & Condor bakery, and Quivira Vineyards, align harmoniously with the vision and standards upheld at NewTree Ranch. The shared commitment to sustainability, locally sourced ingredients, and artisanal craftsmanship resonates deeply with the ethos of NewTree Ranch, where guests are invited to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, celebrate culinary excellence, and forge lasting connections. By embracing the remarkable talents found in Healdsburg, visitors to NewTree Ranch can experience the true essence of this extraordinary destination while fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the incredible work happening within Sonoma County.

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