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The founding vision of NewTree Farm Foundation is to demonstrate land stewardship and to promote nourishing, balanced, and inspired interactions with the earth, and with each other.   At NewTree Ranch we believe that small farms, operating in harmony with the land, are best for our communities. They can provide us nutritious foods and help us to be good stewards of the land. NewTree Farm Foundation is dedicated to educating people about small farm operations, land conservation and regenerative sustainability.  We hope you discover the inner peace and inspired empowerment that a mutually beneficial relationship between people and the earth can provide.

The animal program at NewTree Ranch provides a nurturing space for animals in need.  As vital members of our biodynamic ecosystem, these animals provide us with amazing gifts. As they freely graze our fields, they enrich our soil and provide manure for our farm.  As teachers, they provide our guests and the public experiences that help them reconnect to nature in direct and intimate ways.  NewTree Ranch Foundation is dedicated to advocating for the fair and humane treatment of all animals, allowing them to flourish in a safe home and a loving, productive community.

The NewTree Farm Foundation aspires to be an educational model for both the local community and visitors from further afield, creating public and private partnerships with schools, growers, and local organizations that share this vision of community and earth regeneration.    Please support these vital and timely efforts, and we hope to see you at the ranch soon!

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