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We asked our farm manager, Aris Curtis, about practical ideas for incorporating sustainability in our home gardens.  The following are some tips for maximizing your garden yields while working within a sustainable philosophy.

1. Crop rotation – Regularly rotating crops limits disease and pest issues without the need for herbicides and pesticides.

2. Diversity – Try to create as diverse an ecosystem as possible in your home garden.

3. Companion planting – Certain plants work well together, help each other grow, and prevent pests.  More info on companion planting here.

4. Planting Design

  1. Dense planting enhances the beds canopy coverage which keeps the plants/soil cool, decreases evaporation, suppresses weeds and supplies you with more food
  2. Implementing more perennial plants (promotes carbon sequestration and enhances biological life)

Together, these four ideas are powerful ways to make your home garden both sustainable and productive.