Blog Post

Posted: Summer of 2022

The 120 mighty redwoods we have planted so far are thriving! Redwoods and most other trees do best when planted in times of cool weather and rain, so with the current high temperatures of the summer, we will take a break from planting and take the time to observe and watch as our seedlings grow while we come up with plans for our next round! Meanwhile, we have successfully installed a new irrigation system with a 500-gallon tank to ensure their long-term sustainability.   


We did lose some of the trees to the heat this summer in our first planting and look forward to replacing those once the temperatures are a bit cooler.  As well we are getting all the trees tagged with a GPS location and taking drone photography so we can track the progress of this special project.  We look forward to continuing what we have learned with these forests and making many more acres of forest to revitalize.

We have already planted 120 redwoods this summer!  We have had people we don’t even know donate $40 to help plant trees.  Guests at the ranch have donated trees in lieu of leaving gratuities.  We have had friends dedicate their life celebrations to planting trees, rather than sending flowers–what a shift!

While not every little tree has survived, the energy each and every one of us have put into this is what will take us to a new future, one that is filled with enough trees, water, food, love and compassion for all. We are grateful for all of the generous donations towards the new and future growth of our forest. Knowing that each and every one of you have put your trust in NewTree to take care of this land is an honor. We also want to thank John Henshaw, our reforesting consultant for his continued help and dedication to our project here at NewTree and all the other places in the world he plants trees.

We look forward to many generations of taking care of the entire planet.  We thank each and every one of you for your generosity and love towards Mother Nature. 

Help us reach our goal of planting 1,000 Redwood trees in the mighty NewTree forest!

Give the gift of a tree this year–or the blessing of a whole forest–to yourself or someone you love, and together we will watch this love offering grow.