Stays at the biodynamic farmstead cost $4000 per night. But for that price, you’ll get the entire property to yourself.


How many times have you gone on vacation only to return home feeling, well, like you needed another vacation?

Finding the time and place to relax is more important than ever. But getting away from it all can prove a challenge right now. Amid coronavirus concerns and restrictions, US travelers are gravitating toward getaways that offer “fresh air, bucolic scenery, and ample room for physical distancing,” according to Business Insider. Unique accommodations such as treehouses and airstreams are growing in popularity, along with the latest travel trend: farm stay vacations.

A recently opened property in Healdsburg, NewTree Ranch, is tapping into these travel trends by offering visitors a breath of fresh air, plenty of space and an opportunity to connect with the land. Less than 15 minutes from downtown Healdsburg, yet far away from the crowds, the secluded ranch approaches getaways in a slightly new way.

“NewTree Ranch is a place where you can disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with yourself,” said founder and CEO Edward Newell.

With a focus on wellness and sustainability, stays at the biodynamic estate not only provide an escape from everyday stressors, but an opportunity for guests to connect with nature. For some visitors, this might entail collecting eggs from the lively chicken coop, taking a plant-based cooking class, or spending time with the two Scottish Highlander cows, Kathy and Eddie, a spirited donkey named Fuzzy, the Nigerian dwarf goats, Sally and John, and other animals that reside at the ranch.

Others dive deeper, booking experiences like lakeside sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls, or challenge themselves by spending an afternoon learning breathing techniques–part of what’s called the Wim Hof Method–in preparation of being submerged for minutes at a time in a bathtub filled with ice water.

While “the ice bath challenge” may seem extreme to some, Newell ensures visitors that the ranch “is a safe place to explore your inner reality and to enjoy the profound connection to everything that comes with it.”

Set on 123 acres in the Dry Creek Valley, The Ranch Estate at NewTree Ranch sleeps eight guests. This is the only accommodation at the ranch so guests will have the sprawling property all to themselves, sharing space only with the owners and staff that care for the land–and a few animals. The eclectic-but-cozy Wine Country estate has four bedrooms and bathrooms, a large living room with a fireplace, a spacious kitchen, and a formal dining room. Off the back terrace, there’s a solar-heated pool, and a trail leads to a glamping tent complete with hot tub.

The price to stay at The Ranch Estate is $4,000 per night (for the entire property); a minimum four-night stay is required. The plant-based culinary program led by chef Matteo Silverman is an additional cost. Meals are designed around the fresh produce from the farm. Guests can choose from a variety of board options ranging from $50 to $110 per person, per day.

The property has a strong Wi-Fi connection, but your cellphone may not work here, giving you a good excuse to unplug.

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