July 2019

New Tree Ranch is fantastic.

The house is beautiful, the scenery spectacular and the overall feel is incredible. Ed and David are incredible hosts who take great care of the property and guests needs. We had a wonderful weekend and want to go back again next year.


August 2019

An amazing experience that should not be missed.

We were so relaxed that we asked to extend another day and not head back to work 🙂 Again the owners accommodated immediately. This is a place for those who want to get away from it all, enjoy the peace and quiet of nature but still have all the mod cons you would want. It was certainly hard to leave and head back home.

Want to visit New Tree Ranch?


April 2019

Simply fabulous

Even better was the food itself, which was both an education and delightful making full use of the garden produce, and the care from Ed and his team. We were treated like royalty, enjoyed new friendships and came away with new ideas about responsible living. I can’t recommend the ranch more highly.


May 2019

I truly enjoyed it.

They put on a cooking class for us, and I would normally never dream of doing something like that. But it was fantastic, easy/no pressure and what we cooked actually tasted fantastic. I truly enjoyed it. Makes me feel I might even cook at home some day (if I can find the kitchen)!


February 2019

A magical retreat

A magical retreat! What can you say when a property completely exceeds your expectations and provides the perfect setting for a long-weekend away? Relaxing by the pool, enjoying a cozy evening by the fire, and movie night all feel second nature in this beautiful ranch home. A visit to the on-property bio-dynamic farm completes the experience and reminds you what harmony with nature looks like. Have a dinner in the garden and you are transported to another world. Ed, David and his team are 5-star in every way. Be prepared to be amazed.


March 2019

You leave refreshed...

When the world is closing in on you, and you feel it spinning out of control, it is time to head to NewTree Ranch!! What an amazingly beautiful location with so much to learn. From the luxurious residence, the fun of the lake and the deliciousness of the edible farm. You leave refreshed and with a new outlook on how to make sure we are doing the best for ourselves and our planet.

Kim and Charlie

April 2019

...the experiences at New Tree Ranch are priceless.

From the eyes of a 2-year-old, there truly is no better place on earth. Whether it’s going to the chicken coop to get eggs, riding the ATV to the garden to pick vegetables for lunch or seeing a sky full of stars, the experiences at New Tree Ranch are priceless. As Charlie’s mom, I am thrilled that he is able to learn firsthand where the food he eats comes from and that he is able to run around and connect directly with nature.


May 2019

I felt I was working with nature

I came to New Tree Ranch in search of a higher connection to nature and myself. Two years into farming here, I realized it wasn’t just a higher connection I needed, but also a way to slow down and understand my surroundings. As I was taking care of the plants in the garden, I realized I was also taking care of myself. One day, I was holding a flower in the palm of my hand accompanied by a bee. Feeling the vibration and gentleness of the bee, I felt no worry of being stung. Instead I felt a part of this symbiotic relationship. And for the first time, I felt I was working with nature and the symmetry between the plant, the bee and myself. This is when time stopped and I was able to start living together in harmony with nature and my family at New Tree Ranch.


April 2019

...a feeling of deep peace

The true lure of New Tree isn’t something that can be translated into words. For me, it’s simply a feeling of deep peace that I feel whenever I am there and the immediate desire to return as soon as I leave.