NewTree Ranch

Take a virtual tour of the entire property and experience the magic of NewTree Ranch. Staying guests have the option to immerse in our regenerative experiences or simply enjoy nature.

The Ranch Estate

The Ranch Estate sits between two pastures (where horses, goats, and Scottish Highland cows graze) and overlooks rolling green hills. Guests enjoy four luxuriously appointed bedrooms, a spacious chef’s kitchen, multiple indoor and outdoor lounge areas with fireplaces, horse stables (your horses and pets are welcome here at the ranch), an outdoor pool, two hot tubs, and a luxury glamping tent with a wood-burning stove that can be prepared for overnight stay. The Ranch House is 4,700 square feet and accommodates up to 8 guests.

Want to visit NewTree Ranch?

NewTree Ranch is a sustainable eco-luxury farmstead retreat that offers regenerative experiences in Healdsburg, Sonoma County.

The Barn

The Barn is a two-bedroom, two-bath, modern farm retreat perched above a one-acre garden and flanked by countryside hiking trails and towering Redwoods. In addition to its state-of-the-art chef’s kitchen, there is a 1,200-square-foot fitness center and al fresco dining room on the second-story patio. The Barn is entirely off-grid. It offers 1,200 square feet total, plus a 1,200-square-foot fitness center, and accommodates up to four guests. A barn house and a tree house in one.

The Stables

The centerpiece of the animal sanctuary program at NewTree Ranch. It is home to our wonderful friends. Guests are also welcome to house their horses here at our stables during their stay.

The Garden

The Garden is a delightful, welcoming space to learn about our connection to food, nature and ourselves. Guests will have the opportunity to harvest fresh vegetables and cook them in the outdoor kitchen.

The Outdoors

The outdoors at NewTree Ranch will embrace you with captivating views. The Pacific redwood forests cradle our ranch and inspire so much of the work that we do. Enjoy an afternoon in the lake, a morning on the fitness trail, or walk the 120 acres on the ranch. Whatever your choice, you will thoroughly enjoy the outdoors.

Lake Andreas

A serene and rejuvenating spot, Lake Andreas provides guests the opportunity to relax and reconnect. Take a paddle board, enjoy canoeing, take an invigorating dip during the morning sunrise; or join a sound therapy session to awaken your senses.

Culinary Program

A highlight of any stay at NewTree is the plant-based, culinary program. Our guests love the flavors, variety and the way the food makes them feel and think. At NewTree, we take great care to make sure your food is as direct from the source as possible. This gives us the opportunity to ensure your food is completely toxin-free. Your body will feel the amazing transformation resulting from treating food as medicine. All guests enjoy this experience and leave the ranch with a significant, new understanding.