NewTree Ranch

Take a tour of the entire property. Once you get a good look at everything we have to offer, consider booking a vacation stay with us.

The Ranch Estate

The four bedroom Ranch Estate is set on 120 acres with two separate pastures, giving guests the ability to bring their horses and other animals while on retreat with us. Guests of the Ranch Estate can spend a night in the luxurious tent, by the warmth of the wood burning stove or some relaxing time in the hot tub under the stars.

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The Stables

The stables at NewTree Ranch are home to our two miniature horses, Porcelain and Gineger as well as our two Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Sally and John. Just next door is our chicken coup, home to our twenty chickens. On the periphery, the hillside has been made into a garden that overlooks the pastures. Foraging the grasses there are our two Scottish Highlander cows, Kathy and Eddie.

The Farm

The farm at NewTree Ranch is a delightful, welcoming space for learning about our connection to food, nature, and ourselves. It is an aesthetic experience, carefully designed to inspire creativity. Guests will have the opportunity to harvest fresh vegetables and cook them in the outdoor kitchen. This authentic, plant-based, seed to table experience refreshes the mind and soul.

The Outdoors

The outdoors at NewTree Ranch will embrace you with captivating views. The Pacific redwood forests cradles our ranch and inspires so much of the work that we do. Enjoy an afternoon in the lake, a morning on the fit trail, or walking the 120 acres on the ranch. Whatever your choice, you will thoroughly enjoy the outdoors.