Ethical, Ecological, and Spiritual

New Tree Ranch is a biodynamic ranch with a produce farm and animals, providing guests an experience that models a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, nutrition, and wellness. We are committed to embracing the principles and practices of Biodynamic farming; producing food and agriculture that is beneficial, clean and fair, respecting planet earth, and the people that live on it. It is our hope that a luxury stay or visit with us will inspire guests to make small changes in their lives that will yield great personal gains in a way that is sustainable for the world.

An incredibly welcoming environment where you can swap your day to day grind for tranquility and relaxation.

Amber Leigh

Heaven on earth. Such a warm, welcoming, relaxing, soul soothing, peaceful 2 days here with my 7 year old daughter. Everyone welcomed us in like family.

Sonia Wike

What a beautiful concept run by such beautiful people! We had a luxurious and welcoming stay surrounded by such a peaceful environment. We cannot wait to go back.

Serena Hess

Experience Luxury and Sustainability in Harmony

The experiences New Tree Ranch offers to our visitors re-ignite their connection to nature.

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